I have a large home and I personally am the one who cleans it. I haven't hired a cleaning company before because I'm very picky about how I like it done. I finally decided to try out The Maids because my neighbor said how much she liked using them. All I can say is that I'm extremely pleased with the work that was done. My house looks like it did when we first moved in. Thank You for the hard work. I will be calling Amy to schedule my next cleaning in two weeks. Sincerely, Jennifer Hill

Jennifer Hill

This team is very thorough, very friendly, eager to please. My husband is very ill and they always do their work to help me keep him as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend them.

Judy FitzSimons

Fantastic job. Hope to see the Green team again!

Steven Rahn

The red team did a terrific job as always! I can count on them every time to do a great job! I am so impressed with them! I highly recommend them to any one! thanks for the great service! I couldn't be more happy with the job they do! they are greatly appreciated!

Martha Whitehead

I have not had the Green team before - they really did a great job! Thank you! Laura

Laura McCampbell

They did an exceptionally good job, spent time to make sure everything was done perfectly. I always feel like I can leave home and know that my house will be sparkling when I return.

Linda Fox

Today the team did an outstanding job even moving furniture to get to shutters and behind the shutters (the spider habitat!) to clean and dust. I love Norma and the White Team and wish they could be my team all the time. Norma is cheerful and hardworking. I genuinely like her and the others!

Terri Anderman

On time arrival - fast work - great cleaning job.

Richard Delcamp

The team that came in was wonderful. They went straight to work and asked if I needed anything special to be done. I will definitely use again when needed.

Tori Thomas

The ladies were very friendly and efficient. Maria, the team leader made sure I was satisfied with the cleaning before they left. They were also very professional.

Martie Curl

The team took extra care in how they cleaned and organised. My carpets were so thoroughly cleaned and my daughter loved the way they organised her desk and book shelves. We recently painted her room and it was still a mess from it all but the Maids were fantastic. Go Red Team!

Hester Cross

Exceptionally great and thorough cleaning this week.

Andrea Rahn

The tile floors felt real nice and clean. The house seemed more thoroughly cleaned than previously.

Lou Delcamp

The team did an excellent job, in cleaning our home. I was very happy with the results.

Elon Buchanan

I really loved the result and the attention to detail. I felt very comfortable with the ladies in my home and they did an excellent job.


Green team is my fave! They are THE best. Keep up girls!

Kelly Burch

If I were to get my house straighter, it would be easier for the Maids to do a more thorough cleaning.

Lucy P.

I have used The Maids for almost 10 years and each time they are professional, do an excellent job, and leave my home smelling like lemon and sparkling clean! No other service (I tried 2 others because I had coupons) compares!

Barbara Gumport

The red team does a terrific job each and every time. I have used them for many years now and can't find anything to complain about! the do the same quality job each and every time! I am so pleased with them! thanks so much for this service and the red team!!!

Martha Whitehead

Great Service, Maids were Friendly and courtious. Well Done

Ron Jones

Yesterday's team did the ABSOLUTE BEST job I've had since the original deep cleaning! I would like to request they clean my house every time. Please let me know how to make this happen. Thanks!

Susan Watson

The ladies did a wonderful job on my house today.

Katrina Pool

I wanted you to know that I recommended The Maids to Cindy Lyons and she has become a regular customer for you. I'm not sure she told you. I rave about you to everyone. :-) Thank you!

Kelly Burch

All of the teams do a very good job of cleaning my home. I'm very pleased

Linda L. Formo

Norma, Angelica and Ana did an exceptional job. GREAT WORK!!!!!!!

Micah Wilson

As usual, Norma and the White Team did a great job which wasn't easy this time. We're getting ready to put our house on the market (to sell) and there are boxes and piles of stuff all over!!

Terri Anderman

The teams are thorough, fast and efficient, and pleasant to work with. And they do a great job.

Richard Delcamp

The Green Team is THE BEST TEAM!!!! I wish I had them every week. The go above and beyond and every single detail is attended to. Thank you, Green!

Kelly Burch

The ladies consistently do super job of looking after things, even the small details, like window ledges. Thank you!


I like how organized and coordinated and quietly the group works. I love the efficiency and high quality of work.
The Maids are exceptionally focused on making our house look beautiful. They take great care and are friendly and courteous. I do recommend them to my friends!


As always, Team does a great job. They are pleasant, hardworking and thorough.


The Maids have done a wonderful job for us for almost seven years, and we wouldn't have anyone else!


I have used The Maids for almost 10 years and each time they are professional, do an excellent job, and leave my home smelling like lemon and sparkling clean! No other service (I tried 2 others because I had coupons) compares!