House Cleaning Services in Plano, Texas

house-cleaningHere at The Maids of Plano, Texas, we provide one-time house cleaning services for the times you need help getting larger cleaning tasks completed. We feature a wide variety of housekeeping options, including bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, special projects, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and more.

We make it easy for you to get the specified service you need, when you need it, as your one-stop shop for all house cleaning services. Select services may not be available within the Fort Worth area, but you can always contact us to learn more about the variety of one-time cleaning offered near you. Whether you need same-day services before a big event or are scheduling a clean before you move, you can count on The Maids to take care of your house cleaning!

Same-Day House Cleaning Services—Your Cry for Urgency

Are you out of time or lacking time to finish or even begin cleaning? Do you have other tasks going on and no time to do the cleaning yourself? No matter what your particular situation is, we would love to help! For just about any needed housekeeping services, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call and see for yourself why many refer us.

Move-In or Move-Out Cleaning Services

Cleaning can be a busy task, especially when trying to move. Whether you are moving into a place or simply moving out of a place, The Maids can help. We offer comprehensive cleaning services for just about any type of residence, including condos, residential homes, rentals, apartments, etc. Our professional four-person groups will do the work for you and generate thorough cleaning results that even your landlord will be shocked with. Give our move-in and move-out cleaning services a try and be amazed at your reduced stress level, as well as obtaining a smoother transition between moving.

Window Cleaning that Makes them Shine

The Maids will clean your windows so that they let more natural light in and add curb appeal to your house. From the interior of your front door and primary patio door to the window over your kitchen sink, we get all those hard-to-reach spots that not everyone can get to. While this isn’t a cleaning task that needs to be done every week, it’s a popular one-time cleaning task that many of our recurring maid service clients add on to their regular cleaning.

Additional One-Time House Cleaning Services

The Maids of Plano, Texas, works right along with you at your demand to help with a wide variety of house cleaning services. It doesn’t really matter how big or small the job may be. Give us a call! We handle just about any one-time cleaning job you need completed; the right way! Some of our most popular one-time house-cleaning services include:

  • Refrigerator cleaning
  • Wood paneling cleaning
  • Garage cleaning
  • Wall cleaning
  • Mirrored wall cleaning
  • Kitchen cabinet cleaning
  • Wood floor cleaning
  • Many more

Call us today to found out more about our occasional cleaning services!

Top-Notch Cleaning at Every Visit

Whether you are a recurring client or just call us several times a year, we use the same high level of attention to your home. In order for you to receive the best cleaning possible, our personnel go through extensive training and have extensive knowledge with operating our environmentally friendly home cleaning products and equipment.

We use a team cleaning approach, which comes from many years in the industry. Every single person on our team has a dedicated job function that he or she must complete at every visit, such as detailed floor cleaning, bathroom cleaning, bedroom cleaning, extensive dusting, kitchen cleaning and more. Every four-person team on The Maids of Plano, Texas, staff includes one that is a designated team leader, who not only performs his or her maids services, but also supervises the team. Each supervisor ensures the team is on track and is performing their duties properly and completely. He or she then reviews all results as an added measure to quality assurance for you and your home.

Let Us take Care of Your One-Time Cleaning Needs!

When you’re looking for a reliable maid service to help with your one-time house cleaning needs, call The Maids of Plano. We’ll show you what a truly clean home feels like!

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