Hiring Maid Service in Plano, Texas

hiring-a-maid-serviceThe Maids of Plano is the premium choice when hiring a maid service in Plano. You get extensive, thorough cleaning services that get the unseen details and create a healthier home environment. Your house will be more than just clean; it will be cleaner and healthier, even in unseen places.

Your special four-person cleaning team completes a 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System. You can relax knowing The Maids of Collin County only works with environmentally safer cleaning products and chemicals. Your home will be cleaner than ever!

Enjoy the satisfaction from our home cleaning system, the products we use, and our years in the industry. Your home will be detailed with cleanliness and be healthier than it has ever been! You will have pride in your home, just like we have pride in the superior performance we provide to you.

Your Home Will Be Cleaner, Safer, and Healthier

You don’t have to worry about hazardous chemicals or materials, knowing that our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. No waiting for cleaning solutions to dry, or having to clean up after we leave. When The Maids of Plano, Texas,  leaves, your home is ready to go! Your pets will surely thank you, too!

Imagine hiring a maid service that exceeds your expectations and even goes the extra mile. You will be amazed with the detail pursued, including watching us get down on our hands and knees! The unique 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System will bring new life to your home! You will enjoy the results of cleaning done everywhere possible, as well as enjoy a healthier home! The exclusive system removes more allergens in your home, as well as more dust, dirt, grime, and even pet hair. If you suffer from allergies, we help reduce allergens in your home with our HEPA backpack vacuum systems!

Your dirt won’t get moved or pushed around like other companies…it is eliminated. No mops or dusters are used. You will experience the unseen clean, while seeing us on our hands and knees, too. When you are looking to hire a maid service, we’ve got you covered completely!

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