Ways to Prevent Home Break-ins

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gskm-042114-091 thief crowbar-285Burglaries are a negative part of all societies, and the extent to which they occur, continue to grow every day. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than 40% of burglaries in the US are not forced entries. The following are simple yet very effective ways you can prevent home break-ins.

Secure Your Yard

Overgrown trees and tall shrubs are the perfect places for thieves to hide in order to better monitor your movements. If cutting every tree down is not something you want to do, simplykeep things manicured. For example, trimming tree bushes can help to eliminate dark shadows that can be the perfect hideaway for a criminal.

Don’t attract attention

Leaving certain items lying in plain sight or in your yard can lure thieves in. You should not leave things like bicycles and scooters laying in your yard.Keep them in your garage or in your home.

  • After purchasing pricey items such as electronics, appliances, or furniture, don’t leave the box in an open area.
  • Check your blinds, curtains and shades to make sure that it is not easy for those on the outside to see the inside of your house. If there are expensive items near windows or within plain sight, consider doing a minor remodeling to move them out of view.

Lock your house

This may seem obvious, but many people fail to lock their houses before leaving. Locking doors and windows are very important measures you should take; double check all your locks before walking out the door.

Fake out

Most break-ins occur when no one is home. You can fake thieves out by creating an illusion that someone is still at home. For example, you can leave your television and some lights on. Be sure to use energy saving light bulbs in order to reduce your electric bill.

Know your neighbor

Knowing your neighbors is one of the simplest of all safety measures. Having a friendly neighbor on hand to keep an eye on your house during the day costs nothing. For example, consider joining the local community watch program.

In addition, you should stay vigilant at all times, because you may set yourself up unknowingly.  Keep your travel plans to yourself; refrain from sharing on social media and other public platforms.  Having a regular maid service visit the home may be a great way to keep your house spotless while you are away, and to deter prospective thieves.  The Maids of Plano, TX, are available to help keep your home spotless whether you are there or away.

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