Three Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from Hazardous Chemicals

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haz chem suit frontThere are many hazardous chemicals in homes, such as: aerosols, cleaning agents, insecticides, etc. These chemicals are very dangerous and can get your kids into life-threatening situations if you don’t keep them away from them. It is impossible to entirely keep these chemicals out of your home because they perform very useful functions. Therefore it is important for you to have ways to keep your children from accessing them. Below are three tips that will help you to keep them safe:


If your children are old enough to understand, sit them down and tell them how dangerous the chemicals are to them. Help them understand the dangers of these chemicals and the risks that they pose. This will help to keep them away from the chemicals even when there is no one watching. Tell them what to do if they come into contact with the chemicals unintentionally because this is something that still might happen.

Keep the chemicals inaccessible

Chemicals should always be stored out of reach, or in a locked cabinet. This way your children cannot access them. For example, you can allocate one cabinet in your house to the chemicals and keep it locked at all times, or store items in a high cabinet that your children cannot reach.

Properly dispose containers that had hazardous chemicals

After using all the chemicals in a container, it is really easy to forget about disposing of it safely. This can lead to trouble, especially if you leave it in a place where the kids can go and get their hands on the container. Containers that had chemicals are just as dangerous to your children as the chemicals themselves. Always discard of the containers directly into your trash can outside, do not put them in the kitchen trash can where your kids can access them.

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