Organizing Your Shoes

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gsappp-img-3101-120213Shoes can create the appearance of clutter. There are simple measures you can implement to prevent your shoes from piling up in all the wrong places. Your closet space may not be largeenough to accommodate it all. Insufficient space can cause disorder, making the styles you need difficult to find, while creating a mess on top of that. If finding the time to organize your shoes is not a problem, then follow these great steps from The Maids of Plano, TX, but if you would like a professional to take over the tasks for you, our cleaning services are affordable.

Know Your Needs

  • The first step would be to know the size of the space you need to work with. 
  • If your closet does not have the space for a shoe rack that will be large or small enough for you, find a new space for the rack.

You do not always have to displace other items in trying to make room for your shoes.

Consider Hanging Pockets

Hanging pockets are the best places to store your flat shoes. These hanging pockets can be found in many stores. If you need something that will be easy to clean, then I recommend the plastic over the cloth pockets. You can hang the pocket in your closet or on a blank wall.

Wall-Mounted Shoe Shelves

Utilize your extra wall space by installing shelves that will accommodate all your shoes.

  • After mounting the shelves, use a cubby-style organizer to keep your footwear organized.
  • For more elegance, you can place your shoes inside bins and cardboard boxes.
  • Get creative by using asymmetrical shelves.

Utilize Drawers Built-In Your Staircase

Install built-in drawers in your staircase, which can be easily pulled out to keep your shoes. This space is out of sight meaning that it won’t affect the aesthetics of your room.

Creating better spaces for you shoes will help you to locate them with no problems, and keep your home organized.

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