A Simple Fix for Dents in Wood Furniture

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3-pack61-021514-tmDents in furniture can be quite unsightly, as well as upsetting, especially if you spent a lot of money for those pieces of furniture. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with the dents in your furniture. There are simple ways that you can save money by fixing the dents yourself. Below is one of the simplest ways to fix dented wood furniture:

Fixing the Dent with Heat

One of the ways that you can use to remove the dents is by using heat to swell the fibers of the wood. You will need water, a cloth, and an iron.

Fill up the dent with water.

Drip water on the dented area, making sure not to use too much at once. Let the drops of water fall into the dent and fill it. Give the water sometime so that it can penetrate into the fibers beneath the dent. Make sure that you put enough water to soak into the area.

Fold a soft piece of cloth and place it on top of the dent.

This cloth's purpose will be to transfer heat to the wood without the heat source having direct contact with the wood. The cloth also makes it possible to spread heat to the wood area more effectively.

Applying heat to the dent

When the cloth is accurately in place, rub a hot iron on it until the wet area dries up. The best cloth for dent removal is cotton because it can withstand heat.

Monitor the dent

When the cloth dries up, remove it and check the dent to see if it’s gone.

If it is not gone, put more water and repeat the same process. Repeat the procedure until the dent is nearly unnoticeable. It is going to take longer for dents in hardwoods to disappear. Soft woods on the other hand may only need one application. And if you are looking to hire a professional maid service to assist you with your cleaning needs then do not hesitate to contact The Maids of Plano, in Texas.

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