dinner-plate-and-coffee-cup-on-wooden-background-913-683Knowing how to clean upholstery is essential to keeping any home clean and beautiful. Even if you take care of your upholstery carefully, accidents do happen. A spill can occur at any time, and when it does, acting quickly is essential to get staying free of stains. The upholstery cleaning tips given below help you to be prepared when a spill does occur. Removing stains is child’s play once you get acquainted with the tips suggested below.

147-1013tm-cart-holidaysWith ever increasing energy bills, it is really important to take measures that will help you save energy. You have to do everything you can to reduce your home’s energy consumption, and there are many weatherization products designed to do just that. Most of these products are cheap and easy to use. Although you will have to part with some money to buy weatherization products, they are definitely worth your money because they will help you save money in the long run.

haz chem suit frontThere are many hazardous chemicals in homes, such as: aerosols, cleaning agents, insecticides, etc. These chemicals are very dangerous and can get your kids into life-threatening situations if you don’t keep them away from them. It is impossible to entirely keep these chemicals out of your home because they perform very useful functions. Therefore it is important for you to have ways to keep your children from accessing them. Below are three tips that will help you to keep them safe:

75-pack76-021514-tmKeeping the air in your home clean is essential if you want to keep your family healthy, especially if you have family members suffering from breathing disorders such as asthma. While some allergens can be eliminated, it is impossible to completely remove all allergens. That is why it is important to implement the tips below to reduce allergens in your home:

3-pack61-021514-tmDents in furniture can be quite unsightly, as well as upsetting, especially if you spent a lot of money for those pieces of furniture. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with the dents in your furniture. There are simple ways that you can save money by fixing the dents yourself. Below is one of the simplest ways to fix dented wood furniture:

Fixing the Dent with Heat

One of the ways that you can use to remove the dents is by using heat to swell the fibers of the wood. You will need water, a cloth, and an iron.

gskm-042114-091 thief crowbar-285Burglaries are a negative part of all societies, and the extent to which they occur, continue to grow every day. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than 40% of burglaries in the US are not forced entries. The following are simple yet very effective ways you can prevent home break-ins.

Secure Your Yard

Overgrown trees and tall shrubs are the perfect places for thieves to hide in order to better monitor your movements. If cutting every tree down is not something you want to do, simplykeep things manicured. For example, trimming tree bushes can help to eliminate dark shadows that can be the perfect hideaway for a criminal.

84-1013tm-cart-electronicsIf you are suffering from allergies and asthma, actual allergens like pet dander, dust mites, cockroach droppings and mold can worsen your condition. They bury themselves into your flooring, furniture and other surfaces in the home. Typically, there is no such thing as an allergenfree home, but cleaning regularly can help to reduce the amount of allergens in your home. Take advantage of the  tips provided to you by The Maids of Plano, TX, if you need help reducing those pollutants in your house. 

gsappp-img-3101-120213Shoes can create the appearance of clutter. There are simple measures you can implement to prevent your shoes from piling up in all the wrong places. Your closet space may not be largeenough to accommodate it all. Insufficient space can cause disorder, making the styles you need difficult to find, while creating a mess on top of that. If finding the time to organize your shoes is not a problem, then follow these great steps from The Maids of Plano, TX, but if you would like a professional to take over the tasks for you, our cleaning services are affordable.

wash 755-1113vv-nvIf you are struggling to keep your concrete floors clean, “The Maids of Plano” in Texas offer a wide variety of cleaning services.  Cleaning concrete floors can be a challenging task, if you do not have the skills and equipment required. Some of the things that you will need include a wet mop, warm water, a mild cleaner, dust mop and buckets. Here are cleaning procedures that you should follow in order to achieve the best results.

modern-living-room-1113tm-pic-101After a long day, you need a place where you can unwind as you watch your favorite television shows. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your living room is organized and clean to help you relax. There are expert housecleaners like The Maids of Plano in Texas who can help you organize it at an affordable price. For now though, we look at some tips on how to ensure that your living room is always looking great.

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